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We offer wide selection of the highest quality disinfectants for your hands, houses, sandpits, boats, vehicles, offices, shops, fountains, pools, aircrafts, trains, buses, churches, historical buildings, aircon or car filters etc.

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Lately we have heard about disinfectants from everywhere. And we can see it also everywhere but there is big difference in the quality of products. We have been focusing on producing disinfectants with alcohol base for some time. This type of disinfectant has its advantages but also disadvantages and we were looking for some way forward. And now we can offer wide selection of various disinfectants that are gentle on both the skin and the treated materials. Meet our high quality alcohol base disinfectant Disin and modern polymeric disinfectant GUAa. 

About us

ANILO TRADE SE is a part of the financial group ANILO FINN a. s., startup incubator  for business activities in various fields from tourism to production of sophisticated technology for measurement and regulation. 

ANILO TRADE produces and sells household chemicals and disinfectants under the brand DISIN and for development and distribution of disinfection products on PHMG polymer base cooperates with GUAPEX a. s., their products are distributed under the brand GUAa and name GUASAN. 


ANILO TRADE SE produces their own alcohol base disinfectant called DISIN. Alcohol based disinfectants have lot of disadvantages and we could say “there is no space for further progression”. 

For this reason, we merged with GUAPEX a. s. and took over development and marketing department. GUAPEX  is traditional producer of polymeric disinfectants mainly swimming pool chemicals sold under the name GUASAN and brand GUAa.


Alcohol and chlorine free

Did you know there is disinfectant with no alcohol, chlorine, aldehydes, phenols and no side effects? That’s right, GUASAN is polymeric disinfectant, modern replacement for the materials we have known so far. 

Long lasting protection

GUASAN eliminates wide range of microorganisms – bacteria, virus, mould, fungus (including TBC, BVDV virus, Vakcinie Virus, Adenovirus, Poliovirus) and can deodorize washing machines, fridges or rubbish bins!

Nice smell

Do you also mind the smell of standard disinfectant? The smell of alcohol and chlorine? Try GUASAN products that are odourless (e.g. GUASAN HANDS, GUASAN FOUNTAIN) or with Aloe or green tea aroma (e.g. GUASAN SPRAY)

Wide range

Through gradual development and experience, we have managed to develop special products for your home, swimming pool, pets, but also for the automotive and aviation industries or for the care of historic buildings and materials. The products are available in a practical 0.5 l package or in an economical 5 l canister.


Polymeric disinfectant for cleaning and disinfection of fountains and reservoirs. Many of the fountains have historical character and standard disinfectants are quite aggressive  towards building materials often with an impact on the colour of the original construction. We removed all these defects of standard agents in our new product GUASAN FOUNTAIN.


Anyone who has ever been on a ship knows the problem – they face musty and other odours. Our GUASAN YACHT PROFI disinfectant is prepared with respect to these specifics and with respect to the extra salty environment. In a charter environment, where the crews of thousands of ships around the world take turns every Saturday, this disinfectant will be a very welcome helper. Distribution will begin for the 2020 season.


GUASAN AIR PROFI is special product developed for disinfection of aircraft insides applied to cabin filters. It’s good for all aircrafts. It protects air from bacteria and viruses. It’s odourless and without perfume. If the product succeeds, it will be an interesting way of presenting the Czech Republic in the world, because we believe that no one in the world has developed anything like it yet.


Product for everyone who has a car. Easy to use for car interior with long lasting performance (up to 21 days) in common environment.You can disinfect the car interior in many ways, but only ours is absolutely gentle on the materials you can find in car interiors, including the most expensive cars in the world. 


Our further development product GUASAN DRIVE PROFI is intended for professional drivers and for professional disinfection of their vehicles, whether buses, trains or cars. Typical uses are police cars, taxis and similar services, ambulances, buses, rental caravans (generally all rental cars), as well as trains where train staff can disinfect the set themselves without having to be parked for this purpose.


Simple application, long-term effectiveness. You spray the air filter with GUASAN FILTER disinfection and this spray together with the filter will ensure that bacteria, viruses and fungi do not pass through the filter for some time. Not even the so-called enveloped viruses – coronaviruses. So far, we have tested the product at the Academy of Sciences and its properties have been constant for 60 days.


Disinfection in churches with chlorine or alcohol is complicated and has a negative effect on the treated objects. That is why we have developed a disinfection GUASAN GLORY specialized for churches (and other historic buildings). It has no negative effect on materials, we can treat gypsum, wood, gold, silver and more with it. A side effect of our disinfection is that it absorbs odours and has no odour itself.

To make our product perfect, we have teamed up with WERBE FORM Productions GmbH, which manufactures an amazing stand as a carrier for disinfectants, napkins, drapes, gloves, etc. In addition to selling the product separately, we offer to churches around the world a complete supply of GUASAN GLORY items, GUASAN HANDS hand sanitizer and HYGIENIC POINT – a stand for entering churches as a carrier of optional accessories, which we also supply with the product.



Disin are high quality disinfectant gels that have undergone long-term development and research with modern technologies.

Family package

Don’t buy small packages of disinfectants over and over. Use family package that is more environmentally friendly. Half litre bottle that can be poured into small bottles.


We also offer personification of the label on the packaging. Send us your design and we will prepare tailor made products. Good for companies, schools, kindergartens, groups and others. 

Disin antibacterial gel

High quality alcohol gel for the hands with disinfectant effects destroys 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. It is anti-allergic, unscented and gentle on the skin.

Disin Viran

Finer hand gel with disinfectant attributes. It has bactericidal, tuberculocidal, virucidal (HIV, HBV, HC, AH1N1) and fungicidal effect. We supply in a practical 85 ml package and in two color variants.



I started buying GUAa products few months ago and I am very happy with them. No chlorine or alcohol odour and no damage to regularly treated materials. Absolute satisfaction. 

– Michaela Hronková


During coronavirus pandemic we had to buy lot of disinfectants for our grammar school and it was very expensive. Polymeric disinfectant is great solution as it can last longer and we don’t have to apply it so often and we can safe some money. Disinfectant has nice smell and doesn’t damage surfaces. 

– Tomáš Nový

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